A bit of history

  1. 1987

    Les Industries GRC was founded in 1987 by Mr. Robert Fortin. The company currently carries out metallic manufacturing by quotation of ladders, railings and light structures.

  2. 1990

    It is since 1990 that we specialize in the transformation of sheet metal, the creation of products such as industrial cabinets, electrical boxes and control consoles.

  3. 1995
    Change in the transformation process

    The year was 1995 when the company opted for a radical change in its transformation process and took on an infrastructure of digitalized tool machines. Through this, the precision of our workmanship has greatly increased and we can now target markets outside of the region.

  4. 1997
    New departements

    In 1997, the company creates an engineering and quality control department, living up to the needs and expectations of the business and its customers.

  5. 2000 - 2010
    Growth of the business

    Between the year 2000 and 2010, the addition of 2 punch machines along with 3 folding machines helped greatly in the growth of the business. A welding-robot as well as 2 point welders were also among our acquisitions during this period.

  6. 2014
    investment of 2 million dollars

    In 2014, the company invested almost 2 million dollars in acquiring a laser fibre cutting system as well as a new folding machine.