What we bring to the table

  1. Quality
    of the product

    It meets Hydro-Quebec painting standards (SN 29.3). 100% guaranteed: as suppliers, our clients are in the railway sector, automobile industry, electrical equipment distribution services, and medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The quality of our products allows us to meet the most demanding expectations of our clientele.

  2. Speed
    of execution

    Quote within 24 hours, 2 to 4 weeks delivery depending on the project scope, and the products’ complexity.

  3. Customised
    and turnkey

    The products are manufactured according to your requirements and every step from design to shipping is carried out under the same roof. Only surface chemical treatments (plating such as: anodising, zinc, etc.) are made by our partners.

  4. Versatility
    and adaptability

    Finally, the mechanical assembly of the cabinets, the packing, packaging and wrapping allow our client to receive their goods in mint condition.